The Evolution of Brain Asymmetry
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février 2013

  • 25 févThe Evolution of Brain Asymmetry

    25 fév 2013


    Speaker: Giogio Vallortigara, CIMEC, University of Trento 

    Asymmetry of the brain and behaviour (lateralization) has  traditionally been considered unique to humans. However, research has  shown that this phenomenon is widespread throughout the vertebrate  kingdom and found even in some invertebrate species. A similar basic  plan of organization exists across vertebrates. Lateralization from four  perspectives – function, evolution, development and causation – will be  considered, covering a wide range of animals. The benefits of having a  divided brain will be discussed, as well as the influence of experience  on its development.


    Location : Salle de réunion du LPP, H432, Centre Biomédical des  Saints-Pères, 45 rue des Saints-Pères, 75006 PARIS
    Time : 11am, 02/25//2013