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Séminaires du CRC

Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers

Séminaires de FEVRIER 2013

Sauf indications, les séminaires du Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers ont lieu au, 15 rue de l’Ecole de Médecine, Paris 75006, dans l’amphithéâtre BILSKI-PASQUIER à 12h


  Vendredi 8 Février


Equipe 4 « Différenciation intestinale et métabolisme lipidique »

Cell-cell junctions, epithelial barrier function and inflammation in intestine: an emerging role for the cellular prion protein

Intestinal barrier dysregulation has been proposed to contribute to inflammatory bowel diseases.  Moreover, the low-grade inflammation observed in obese or diabetic patients could be linked to alteration of gut permeability. Cell-cell junctions are major actors of epithelial barriers. Among them, tight junctions, which control paracellular permeability, have been logically the most studied in inflammatory processes. We recently showed that the cellular prion protein is a partner of desmosomal complexes and demonstrated that this protein plays an unexpected role for the proper organization not only of desmosomes but also of adherens and tight junctions and is required for intestinal barrier function.

Invitée par Pascal Ferré


Vendredi 15 Février


ERC Starting grant 2010

Dept Endocrinology Metabolism and Cancer

Institut Cochin, INSERM U1016, CNRS UMR 8104

Role of HIFs (Hypoxia Inducible Factors) in iron metabolism and innate immunity

HIF transcription factors, central mediators of cellular adaptation to critically low oxygen levels (=hypoxia), have been largely studied for their crucial role during cancer development. We unveiled two new major roles of HIF. First, in innate immunity and infection, we demonstrated the key contributions of HIFs in regulating important immune effectors molecules. Second, we highlighted the role of HIFs in iron metabolism as critical regulators of iron absorption in the intestine and in systemic iron homeostasis by regulating the liver synthesis of the iron regulatory hormone, hepcidin. 

Invitée par Armelle Leturque


Vendredi 22 Février





With the participation de R MEBIUS (The Nederlands), C BENEZECH (United Kingdom), G EBERL (France), MC DIEU-NOSJEAN (France)