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février 2013

  • 08 févCell-cell junctions, epithelial barrier function and inflammation in intestine: an emerging role for the cellular prion protein

    08 fév 2013

    Sophie THENET

    Equipe 4 « Différenciation intestinale et métabolisme lipidique »

    Intestinal barrier dysregulation has been proposed to contribute to inflammatory bowel diseases.  Moreover, the low-grade inflammation observed in obese or diabetic patients could be linked to alteration of gut permeability. Cell-cell junctions are major actors of epithelial barriers. Among them, tight junctions, which control paracellular permeability, have been logically the most studied in inflammatory processes. We recently showed that the cellular prion protein is a partner of desmosomal complexes and demonstrated that this protein plays an unexpected role for the proper organization not only of desmosomes but also of adherens and tight junctions and is required for intestinal barrier function.

    Invited by par Pascal Ferré


    Location : Amphithéâtre BILSKI-PASQUIER, 15 rue de l’Ecole de Médecine, Paris 75006 at 12pm