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mai 2013

  • 31 maiCroissance et État Stratège

    31 mai 2013

    Séminaire ANNULÉ - Reporté à une date ultérieure



    Philippe AGHION

    Économiste, Professeur à l'Université Harvard et à l'École d'économie de Paris

     Invité par Jean-Luc Teillaud

     Croissance et État Stratège

    Texte en anglais


    A successful innovation-led economy requires, not only the investment in the knowledge economy, not only to liberalize markets, but also to reform the governance of the state to make it more strategic. While the old welfare states are not well-suited to the needs of an economy where growth is driven by frontier innovation, the minimal state advocated by neo-liberals may not be the solution either. Between these two extreme solutions, there is what we refer to as the strategic state: the state that acts primarily on the supply side of the economy and which targets its investments on the sectors or activities with higher expected growth potential. It is a state that tries to reconcile the need to invest in growth with the need to achieve budget balance. And it is a state that looks carefully at governance, both of the sectors it invests in and of itself as investor. In this respect the example of Germany or Scandinavian countries, which have reacted to past crises by implementing structural reforms, both in labor and product markets and in the organization of the state, and now show an unemployment rate lower than in many other OECD countries and growth rates close to 3%, is worth meditating.


    Attention le séminaire aura lieu exceptionnellement dans le Pavillon 1, Bâtiment de la Surélévation à 12h00 au 15 rue de l'école de médecine, 75006 Paris

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