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Call for application

The Cordelier Research Center (CRC) is a center of excellence for multidisciplinary biomedical research in the center of Paris. With a staff of about 400 people, the current 19 teams focus their research on the regulation of major functions and the impact of their deregulation in the genesis and progression of diseases, in two departments: “Physiology, Metabolism, Differentiation” and ”Immunology, Cancer, Inflammation”( ).

Under the academic patronage of the University Pierre and Marie Curie, University Paris Descartes and Inserm, the CRC interacts with several university hospitals (Hôtel-Dieu, Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou (HEGP), La Pitié-Salpétrière) and is strongly involved in academic training in both universities. Through a strong synergism between scientists, clinicians and industry, the CRC has created the means of success of translational research. Several teams are involved in innovation in various fields such as imaging, identification of genetic, protein or cellular prognostic markers, production of molecules (monoclonal antibody) or generation of cells (dendritic cells or macrophage) for therapeutic use.

The excellence of the research has been recently acknowledged by the success of two projects within the frame of the French Excellence Initiative: the Institute of Cardio-Metabolism and Nutrition (ICAN) and the Labex Onco-Immunology.

The CRC has developed important core facilities including a modern animal facility with a transgenic service, a small-animal imaging platform, a core facility for in vivo and ex vivo studies of renal functions, an ex vivo cell imaging facility with a confocal microscopy service, flow cytometry, electron microscopy and laser micro dissection.

The evaluation of the CRC by the French National Evaluation Agency (AERES) will occur in the fall 2012 for a new 5-year term starting January 2014. 

The candidate: He/she is expected to prepare and present the scientific project of CRC in front of the visiting committee and will succeed the present director on 1st January 2014. The candidate should demonstrate an excellent scientific standing with leading experience. Evaluation of the candidates will be carried by a joint UPMC, UPD and Inserm selection committee.


Applications (including CV, list of publications, and cover letter) should be submitted electronically before 30 novembre 2011 at 6 pm, to:

Université Paris Descartes :