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INC Open Mind Seminar Series, Professor Takao Hensch, February 10th at 11am

INC Open Mind Seminar Series presents 
Friday, February 10th  
11.30 – 12.30
2nd floor, room R229
45, rue des St Pères
75006 Paris
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Shaping Neural Circuits by Early Experience 
Takao Hensch, Professor of Neurology Children's Hospital Boston (Pediatric teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School) and Professor of Molecular & Cellular Biology, Harvard University 

Neural circuits are shaped by experience in early life. The biological bases underlying such critical periods are increasingly being resolved in the developingmouse visual cortex. A gradually evolving excitatory inhibitory balance initiates a plastic process that becomes limited in adulthood by a variety of molecular 'brakes.' 

Understanding these events offers novel biomarkers and deeper insight into neurodevelopmental disorders, therapeutic strategies and maturational milestones more broadly.  

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