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Débat : Descartes vs Dauphine

The prestigious French Debating Association tournament organised by the École Polytechnique is now in full swing: Paris Descartes Debating Club takes on Paris Dauphine for the first debate of the season.


Paris Descartes University’s team of 5 superbly talented debaters will defend the government’s position (one of the several adjudication criteria, for more information, please visit the official website

Get ready to rumble

All welcome to support Paris Descartes University’s team:

  • This outstanding event takes place in a magnificent and centrally located venue: Les Cordeliers, in the heart of the Latin Quarter
  • Watch, listen and enjoy speeches delivered with panache, grace and wit!
  • Be entertained and convinced by the arguments, presentation, teamwork, strategy and star quality of the debaters
  • Take the floor in English at the end of the debate while the judges are coming up with their verdict!

Get a taste of debating and why not join the club in the near future!?

The place to be


École de Médecine Paris Descartes,
 site des Cordeliers,
 15 rue de l’école de médecine
 75006 PARIS
 in Pavillon 4, at the entrance of les Cordeliers


Contact & info

Paris Descartes Debating Club

Facebook : Paris Descartes Debating Club
 For further information, please contact @ Philippe PERSIAUX

French Debating Community

 Twitter: #FrDebatingAsso
 Youtube Channel: FrenchDebatingAsso