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Becoming a student entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is an exciting challenge that also offers valuable professional experience. Paris Descartes is here to help.


Do you have a dream, idea, project, or full-fledged company? No matter where you are in the process, Paris Descartes University can help you advance your goals as an entrepreneur. Our goal is to help you by aligning your studies with your personal project as much as possible.

Being an entrepreneur also means creating value, whether it be economic, cultural, or societal in nature. All projects, including start-ups, co-ops, takoevers, and associations, are welcome.

Whether you’re a student or a recent graduate, no matter your area of study, Paris Descartes University stands ready to help make your entrepreneurial project a reality. To do so, it focuses its efforts on three areas based on your needs and how much progress you’ve made in the process:

  • Education
  • Training
  • Support

In partnership with its PEPITE CréaJ IDF partners, the university hosts:

  • Master classes, workshops, forums, etc.
  • Speed meetings to find partners and collaborators
  • Training sessions, MOOCs
  • Creation contests
  • Eco-system immersion

Contact :

University’s entrepreneurship contact
Email: entreprendre[at]

National student-entrepreneur status

To receive help and government recognition, the process is simple. All you have to do is request national student-entrepreneur status. To begin, meet with the university’s entrepreneurship contact person and submit your application to the ministry’s website. If you are a young graduate, you’ll also need to sign up for the student-entrepreneur degree (D2E).

With student-entrepreneur status, you can easily contact the network of partners and members of PEPITE Créaj IDF to obtain the skills and advice you need to develop your project. For example, you’ll have access to accountants, support experts, trainers, photo studios, and more.

Lastly, with student-entrepreneur status and as long as your degree program allows it, you could even combine your internship experience with your entrepreneurial project. In other words, instead of traveling to a company or laboratory to complete your internship, you could use that time to develop your project.

Step one

Contact David Janiszek, the university’s entrepreneurship contact person. During your first meeting, you can talk about your situation and project to create a plan that will help you reach your goals. This initial meeting is a key step in the process for requesting student-entrepreneur status.

You can also take part in organized activities at the coworking spaces of Paris Descartes and Sorbonne Paris Cité. There, you can receive an introduction to and learn more about being an entrepreneur.