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Commercializing research consists of any initiative that helps bring an idea in the socio-economic world. It includes detecting innovative results, protecting research, and helping it enter the socio-economic sphere.

Publishing and commercializing the results of their research laboratories is one of the main goals of universities (Art L.123-3 of the French Code of Education).

  • 347 portfolios of active patents
  • 89 active licenses
  • 9 active software programs
  • 37 new patent portfolios

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The Research, International, Development, and Doctoral Faculty Department (DRIVE)
12 rue de l’École de Médecine 75006 Paris
Métro Odéon
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Helping researching professors protect the results of their research, whether through patents, software patents, or knowledge transfers, is at the heart of Paris Descartes University’s goals.

In order to increase our scientific reach with public and industrial partners, the DRIVE’s Partnership and Innovation Department also oversees the negotiations and management of partnerships involving the university, such as research collaborations with academics, framework agreements, consortium agreements, and the fulfillment of research and service agreements.

  • Guidance and advice regarding your options for protecting and using your inventions and knowledge
  • Submission and management of your patent requests and their extensions internationally;
  • Protection of results: researchers can receive help with submitting their patents, be connected to Industrial Property Councils and receive help with the process, and get assistance with writing patent co-ownership agreements
  • Drafting and negotiation of use and commercialization contracts (use and research collaboration contracts, licensing contracts, etc.) with private or public partners
  • Coordination of commercialization initiatives with the CNRS (CNRS Innovation), Inserm-Transfert, AP-HP, IFREMER, the Paris Biotech Santé incubator, BPI France, the CURIE Network, and more.

Transfer accelerator

Since January 1, 2012, the university has worked closely with the Ile-de-France Innov’ Technology Transfer Acceleration Society (SATT), an organization founded in part by Paris Descartes University.

The IDF Innov SATT advocates for world-class academic stakeholders (universities and research centers) and works to commercialize research results, skills, and platforms created by academic laboratories within its region. IDF Innov especially works to transform inventions into innovations that can be used to develop products or services that address industrial and commercial needs. In collaboration with academic researchers, we help build, finance, and support the development of “maturing” inventions. We do this by working closely or even partnering with manufacturers and investors.

A special partner incubator

Paris Descartes University helps researchers and researching professors who work at its research institutions launch their own companies. Over the past decade, 21 start-ups have been founded through Paris Descartes University.

Created in 2000 by Paris Descartes University, ESSEC, Central Paris Faculty, and INSERM, Paris Biotech Santé is an incubator for innovative companies specialized in the development of medicines, medical devices, and innovative services aimed at patients.

Every year, Paris Biotech Santé selects and supports the creation and development of ten new prospective companies.

During the two-year incubation period, Paris Descartes University’s facilities, which include 1,200 m2 of laboratories and office space, are available for any relevant project.