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Digital tools and innovative programs

The Innovate for Success Department (AGIR in French) provides the university community with a number of digital tools designed to create innovative, appealing, and interactive educational materials.

Collective Intelligence Lab – CI Lab

The Paris Descartes Learning Lab helps teachers and students become active participants in educational innovation. The CI Lab provides free access to all the resources needed to become informed, find your way, work, learn, and create.

  • Seven innovative educational spaces
  • Mobile and interactive equipment
  • Furniture that can accommodate your needs and different configurations
  • A member of the national LearingLab Network

Saints-Pères University Center – 45 rue des Sts-Pères 7506 Paris



This internal platform lets teachers and students interact with each other (uploading and viewing classes, participating in a discussion forum for each subject, etc.) and use educational materials and activities (interactive classes, surveys, etc.).


Innovative educational programs 

Innovating for Education Elective
Accessible to all bachelor’s and master’s degree students (excluding students completing their PACES year).

The Innovating for Education Elective is an optional, second-semester elective that students can take in most bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. You can sign up for this class as well as another optional elective during the second semester.

In the vast majority of cases, you will help the university by contributing to educational projects overseen by the AGIR Department, a professor, or a professor and the AGIR Department. You cannot work on an educational project outside of the university. You can propose your own project or work on an existing project.

C2i – IT and Internet Certification
C2i certification attests that a student has mastered the set of skills needed to complete the work that a university class entails.

Assistance with producing e-learning modules and designing and creating applied games
The university encourages the creation of innovative educational resources that focus on harnessing the collective intelligence of teachers, students, and educational engineers.