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Doctoral faculty

Paris Descartes University includes six doctoral faculties owned solely by the university and seven jointly managed doctoral faculties.

The Doctoral Degree Institute (DDI) coordinates and pools the actions of the doctoral faculties and oversees around 1,300 doctoral candidates.

The DDI provides doctoral candidates with support starting from their enrollment to the moment when they defend their thesis and receive their degree. It also helps students enter the job market. The institute works with the doctoral faculties to organize the arrival of new doctoral candidates at the beginning of the semester and helps them connect with the university’s many departments and partner facilities.

Discover doctoral faculties at Paris Descartes and partner doctoral faculties : 

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The Doctoral Degree Institute (IFD)
12, rue de l’Ecole de Médecine 75006 PARIS
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The doctoral faculties at Paris Descartes

DC 562 BIO Sorbonne Paris Cité

The scientific scope of DC BioSPC covers most areas of biology, including cellular and molecular biology, development, immunology, infectology, genetics, neurobiology, physiology, physiopatholgy, reproduction, and aging.

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DC 180 : Cultures, Individuals, Societies

The CIS Doctoral Faculty coordinates doctoral studies involving human and social sciences. The research resources it draws from include ten laboratories, including two mixed research units, CNRS, and a mixed INSERM/CNRS/university unit. The faculty’s overarching theme focuses on social and cultural ties. This focus is based on three complementary approaches that are closely related within the doctoral faculty in question, which is primarily designed to function as an interdisciplinary structure. These approaches come from the fields of education science, language science, and social science.

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DC 261 Cognition, Behavior, and Human Conduct

The Cognition, Behavior, Human Conduct Doctoral Faculty includes laboratories and degree programs from a wide range of research areas involving a variety of fields in psychology, ergonomics, and IT technology applied to life science. It is made up of eighteen certified laboratories, including seven associated with CNRS, two CNRS laboratories, and one INSERM unit. Located within Paris Descartes University’s Psychology Institute, DC 261 caters to Masters Research students (whether they are Paris Descartes students or students from another university).

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DC 262 Legal, Political, Economic, and Business Science

The Law, Business, and International Relations Doctoral Faculty includes several research centers featuring a unique composition not seen in surrounding universities. Its research emphasizes health, community, and business law and seeks to use these topics as a lens for studying positive law and legal theory.

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DC 563 Medicine, Toxicology, Chemistry, and Imaging (“MTCI”)

The goal of the “Medicine” Doctoral Faculty is to give students completing their PhD thesis a broad education in medicinal research and development. The research methods in this field have changed dramatically in past few years as a result of genomics and proteomics, the advent of combinatorial chemistry, and rapid progress in the evaluation of the physiological and pharmacological effects of compounds. Researching future medicines requires multiple areas of expertise ranging from chemistry to clinical research. As a result, DC 563 is interdisciplinary and focuses on both chemistry and biology.

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DC 474 Limits of the Living World

Doctoral Faculty 474, Limits of the Living World, is jointly run by Paris Descartes and Paris Diderot Universities and seeks to promote projects that require input from multiple disciplines to answer questions posed by the living world. These projects cover multiple studies ranging from the molecular and cellular interactions and ecosystems to human societies and cognition. They involve a diverse array of disciplines, including mathematics, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, IT, engineering science, pharmaceutical science, cognitive science, social science, and epistemology. The doctoral faculty hosts its students, supervisors, and invited professors in central Paris in dedicated facilities designed to maximize interactions between disciplines.

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Partner doctoral faculties

DC 130 Paris Doctoral Faculty of IT Technology, Telecommunications, and Electronics

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DC 158 Cognition, Brain, and Behavior

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DC 386 Central Paris Mathematical Science

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DC 393 Pierre Louis Public Health: Epidemiology and Biomedical IT Science

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DC 561 Hematology, Oncogenesis, and Biotherapies (HOB)

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DC 566 Science of Sport, Motor Function, and Human Movement

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