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Earning a diploma

Diplomas are issued within six months following the date of the examination.

They can be picked up in person at your faculty’s education office or sent by registered mail.

Collecting your diploma from the education office

 All diplomas listed below may be picked up from your faculty’s education office:

  • DEUG, DUT, Bachelor’s, and Professional Bachelor’s
  • Master’s, DEA, and DESS
  • Doctoral degree (doctoral degrees issued after 2010 can be picked up at the Doctoral Education Institute; those issued before 2010 can be picked up at your faculty) and HDR
  • Healthcare diplomas (medicine, odontology) and pharmacy diplomas
  • University diplomas and inter-university diplomas (note that some medical diplomas must be picked up at the Faculty of Biomedical and Fundamental Sciences)
  • C2i


To obtain your diploma or a duplicate, please follow the steps listed below:

Receiving your original diplomas

In-person pickup

Visit your faculty’s education office with either your ID or passport.

By proxy: If another person is picking up your diploma for you, that person must have their ID as well as a copy of your ID and a copy of the proxy form (download the proxy form). This form must be signed by you and serves to authorize someone to pickup your diploma in your name.


To receive your diploma by mail, you must provide your faculty’s education office with the following documents:

  • A copy of your ID or passport
  • A completed copy of the request form to publish your original diploma (download the form)
  • A registered mail slip
  • A €7 stamp

The diplomas will be sent via registered mail to the address indicated on the form.

Copy request procedure

Before the 2000-2001 university term

If the original diploma is lost, you can ask the education office of the faculty in which you earned your diploma to send you an administrative certificate attesting that you successfully completed your degree.

To receive this certificate, you must send the following documents to your faculty’s education office:

After the 2001-2002 term

If you’ve lost your original diploma, a copy of your diploma can be issued by the education office of the faculty in which you earned your degree.

Please note that each new copy of your diploma will be subject to a €20 fee.

To receive a copy, you must provide your faculty’s education office with the following documents:

  • A copy of your ID or passport
  • The completed form (download the form)
  • A €20 check made out to the Paris Descartes University accounting officer or a wire transfer (contact the education office for the university’s account details)
  • A registered mail slip (only if you would like to receive a mailed copy)

Authenticating a diploma

Diploma authentication requests must be submitted to the Diploma Office within the Academic and Student Life Department.
Please address your request to the Diploma Office (diplomes[at]

Third-party requests require the following:

  • A written request that includes the clearly marked contact information of the third party.
  • The third party must also present a letter written and signed by the holder of the diploma as well as a copy of the holder’s ID or passport.

The Diploma Office will issue a letter with the department’s response.


Translating diplomas and administrative documents

If you would like to have your administrative documents (diplomas, certificates of completion, transcripts, certificates, etc.) translated, you must contact a certified translator. Paris Descartes University does not provide document translation services.

For a list of certified translators, please visit the website