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Educational innovation

To support educational innovation, Paris Descartes University incorporates multiple concrete actions into its strategic plan, including various programs, support and advice structures, and calls for projects.

An innovative approach to teaching

Given the profound ways usages are changing, Paris Descartes University advises teachers and educational teams about the ways teaching practices are evolving and how they can incorporate innovations into their classrooms.

This strategy is implemented through:

  • Instructional trainings about innovative tools like the Moodle platform,
  • Workshops for teachers and staff regarding the introduction of interactive teaching tools.

An Educational Innovation call for projects aimed at all members is launched every year to tap into the community’s collective intelligence, encourage a cross-disciplinary approach, and develop more flexible degree programs. In addition, an educational innovation teaching unit is available to all students and is designed to help them develop innovative projects.

An innovative approach to learning

Whether students are in high school or completing their eighth year of university, Paris Descartes offers a number of different tools, including applied games, 3D glasses, a virtual reality room, a co-creation room, and a collective intelligence lab.

Educational modules are now developed by simulating different contexts or environments. For example, University Technology Institute students practice sales techniques by playing an applied game that simulates an interview. Students at the Faculty of Fundamental and Biomedical Sciences can play an applied game to review what they learn in class. The Psychology Institute helps its students learn by providing them with a digital toolbox, as well as other features. Social science teachers offer digital and interactive online courses. Lastly, the Sports and Physical Activity Techniques and Sciences Training and Research Unit uses special video recordings to enrich its courses.

Simulation-based medical learning is also being used at Paris Descartes. The goal of the ILumens platform is to teach students how to perfuse, intubate, and revive a mannequin before they ever perform these procedures on real patients. The platform is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and uses digital simulators and interactive mannequins to train medical and paramedical students.
The Dental Surgery Faculty is also equipped with a clinical simulation lab. There, students can practice newly learned medical procedures on patient simulators, watch the teacher’s demonstrations on a tactile screen in real time, and access any type of exterior resource they might need, including articles, documents, videos, and more.

A legal clinic was also created in 2015 at the Paris Descartes Faculty of Law, Economics, and Business. Law students at the faculty may participate in the clinic starting in their third year of their bachelor’s degree. This program mainly offers legal consultations to individuals, companies, or organizations, and allows students to combine learning with professional practice.

Creating and sharing

The educational innovation and engineering team helps all teachers and personnel who would like to develop innovative projects. From the creation of educational scenarios and the production of interactive digital resources to sharing content online, the university’s teams work hard every day to keep up with evolving needs and changes in digital technology. As part of this work, the university opened a new learning lab, the Collective Intelligence Lab, at the Saints-Pères University Center. This facility features an audiovisual studio that is open to everyone as well as several recording studios with dedicated production teams.