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Finding an internship or job

Do you attend Paris Descartes University? Would you like to complete an internship during your studies? This page contains the general information you will need to get started.

Internships from A to Z

University internships are governed by the French law of July 10, 2014 no. 2014-788 regarding the development and supervision of internships and the improvement of the status of interns. This law concerns all students enrolled in a university-level preliminary education program with the goal of earning anywhere from an associate’s degree to a PhD.

Are you a student in a preliminary-level degree program at Paris Descartes University and interested in completing an internship during your studies? This page contains the general information you will need to get started. You should also contact your faculty’s internship office to learn about the specific rules for your degree program.

Students enrolled in a continuing education program, i.e. enrolled through a continuing education contract covered by the French Labor Code, are not subject to the rules of the French Code of Education regarding internships. The working conditions and salaries associated with these internships are subject to the French Labor Code. For additional information, you can contact your faculty’s continuing education representative or the university’s Joint Continuing Education Department.

Contact :

AGIR (Innovate for Success Department)
45 rue des Saints-Pères – 75006 PARIS
7th floor

Internship office

What is an internship?

An internship is a temporary period during which a trainee works in a professional environment as part of his or her education. The internship may or may not result in European credits (ECTS).

It must take place as part of a training model.

  • An ECTS-eligible internship, whether it is optional or a mandatory part of the student’s degree program, is indicated and specified in the training model.
  • The training model also states that students may complete a non-ECTS-eligible internship if they wish.

In either case, the internship is always a part of a larger educational experience and is only meaningful when pursued through this framework. As a result, students must receive approval from their educational advisors, who will ensure that the internship does indeed benefit their education.


Why complete an internship?

Completing an internship is often a key part of any degree program and can sometimes lead to a new career. It provides students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge they’ve learned at school and gain new professional skills that can be highlighted in their CVs. By opting to do an internship, you can narrow down your career choices and gain real-world job experience.

For more information on the internship process, potential salaries, and agreement templates, contact the Internship Office at stages[at]