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Getting involved

A university is more than a place for academics. It is also a place for social interaction, discussions, and meetings.

Student representatives

Paris Descartes University values the opinions of its students. The student vice president and student council representatives are happy to answer any of your questions.


Student associations

Are you looking for an enriching experience? Would you like to share ideas about a project or your values? At Paris Descartes, there are nearly 70 student associations dedicated to a variety of topics, including culture, sports, and citizenship. All you have to do is join!

  • Cultural and artistic associations
  • Athletic associations
  • Solidarity-focused and ecological associations
  • Student life associations

Showcasing student initiatives

Paris Descartes University rewards and encourages student volunteer work. It recognizes volunteer activities, whether on a local or national scale, through the Student Commitment Elective, which results in ECTS credits.
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Financial support

You can request financial support for your association by submitting a request to the student financial aid program, FSDIE.
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