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Health insurance

Accessing medical care

During your studies in France, you can receive health coverage simply and free of charge through the French health insurance system. To receive a reimbursement for your healthcare costs, visit, and follow the steps listed on this dedicated site.

In addition to their social security allowance, students can sign up for a top-up health insurance policy that covers any medical fees that exceed the social security ceiling. You can sign up for the top-up insurance policy of your choice (a student top-up insurance, your parents’ policy, another top-up health insurance agency, etc.).

If you cannot afford an optional top-up health insurance policy, aid is possible via the CMU-C or ACS, as well as other programs, depending on available resources.

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  • Civil liability insurance is required for all international students
  • Repatriation insurance is required for all international students
  • Top-up health insurance is strongly recommended for all international students (see above)