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Research strategy and overview

Paris Descartes University is a major contributor to public research in France, especially within the medical field.

Research at Paris Descartes University focuses on a range of scientific areas. It is conducted by over 4,000 people working in 70 research units who collaborate through cooperative structures (Joint Research Institutes) and multi-disciplinary organizations (Paris Descartes University Institutes and Key Research Areas). Researchers also have access to strategic tools (platforms).

The Research, International, Development, and Doctoral Faculty Department (known by its French acronym, DRIVE) is in charge of the administrative side of the research process. It coordinates actions related to the delegation of managerial and financial tasks, funding, and calls for projects.

All of these human, financial, and organizational resources enable the university to achieve three goals in the field of public research:

  • The first consists of improving our current state of knowledge.
  • The second involves using research to teach research. This goal is pursued by the doctoral faculties of University Paris Descartes.
  • The third goal involves transferring new knowledge and research findings to the general public. This goal is achieved through publicizing and commercializing research.

Research policy and strategy

The university’s research policy is based on several priorities:

  • Supporting research units. The goal is to grant teams a minimum amount of “free use” resources to promote the emergence of new topics.
  • A strategy based on a university-centered research platform. The university adheres to an active infrastructure investment policy that is funded by reinvesting every grant provided by the French National Research Agency.
  • The promotion of research centers and centralized teams. The goal is to create robust and visible research structures that can pool their resources and facilities and develop their own strategies to increase their appeal.
  • Support for certain strategic operations as part of a general strategy to attract new talent. Depending on the situation, this support can take the form of setup credits, job descriptions, help with obtaining a chair (as part of the IDEX program, for example), investment in research equipment, and/or the allocation of technical assistance.

Contact :

Research, International, Development, and Doctoral Faculty Department (DRIVE)
12 rue de l’École de Médecine 75006 Paris
Métro Odéon
Email :
01 76 53 17 45

In the spring of 2012, a project sponsored by Sorbonne Paris Cité University was one of the winners of the Investing in the Future IDEX (Initiatives of Excellence) program along with its eight founding members, including Paris Descartes University. The goal of this governmental investment program is to create world-class multi-disciplinary teaching and research institutions in France. Paris Descartes University and its research structures were recognized for several projects as part of the IDEX program :

  • 16 laboratories of excellence (LabEx)
  • 1 University Hospital Institute : Imagine
  • 1 university hospital research center specialized in oncology: PACRI
  • 3 Excellence Facilities
  • 2 COHORTE projects: Hope-Epi, CONSTANCES
  • 1 Innovative Training through Research Institute: IIFR CRI
  • 1 University Research Faculty: EURIP
  • 1 Technology transfer society: SATT Idf’Innov
  • 8 University hospital networks
  • 1 nanobiotechnology center: DIGIDIAG