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Committed to freedom and equality, Paris Descartes University is committed to being accessible and attentive to all its students and staff.

Gender equality

Since 2012, Paris Descartes University has worked to promote and raise awareness about gender equality, which is an integral part of universal equality and freedom.

The goal of this initiative, which involves students, teachers, and support staff, is to promote a fair study and work environment by raising awareness about the number of men and women within the university community and suggesting a certain number of steps to ensure a fairer gender balance. An action plan was presented and voted on in March 2013.

Main actions taken as part of the initiative:

  • Preventing and combating sexual harassment
  • Incorporating instruction about equality and gender
  • Taking part in gender-focused research networks


ontent and teaching practices. Since 2015, students have been able to evaluate their courses and professors.


Paris Descartes University accommodates staff and students with disabilities within its facilities by following a comprehensive approach.

The university plans and oversees actions to make its buildings accessible to students and staff members with disabilities.

As part of its Quality of Life at Work Policy, the university has appointed a Disability Advocate to coordinate with staff. In doing so, the university has demonstrated its interest in promoting the employment of people with disabilities and providing them with day-to-day support.

For any student who has disabilities or a health problem that impacts their studies, the Health and Disability Support Department is here to help make their experience more comfortable by making the necessary arrangements in every situation, whether in terms of organizing, facilitating, or supporting their studies.

Success at the university

Paris Descartes University has always focused its energy on helping students succeed, especially throughout its bachelor’s degree program, and follows a proactive approach to this effect aimed at sophomore high school students that continues all the way to their fifth year of university education.

A wide range of actions and systems are implemented even before students start their undergraduate degrees. These measures remain in place throughout their academic career to help guide them and facilitate their entry into the job market.


The Helping Hand Program
Paris Descartes has entered into several partnerships with middle schools and high schools in the Paris region. As part of the Helping Hand Program, student tutors/ambassadors from the university talk to middle and high schoolers about their degree programs, skill sets, success rates, professions, and relevant career opportunities.

Innovative programs
Paris Descartes has implemented several innovative educational programs to offer a wide range of academic opportunities. In order to help students who are experiencing academic difficulties, the university created the PaRéO degree, a French acronym that stands for “Passport to Succeed and Find Your Way,” to help students gain the key skills they need to succeed at school.

The AlterPACES program is designed to encourage students from diverse backgrounds to attend medical school. By taking this online course at the same time as their bachelor’s degree, students can enter into their second year of medical school upon graduating.

Lastly, to expand the university’s multi-disciplinary degree offer, dual-degree programs are now being offered to give students the opportunity to obtain a degree in different fields. These dual bachelor’s degrees rely on the use of digital educational resources.

Student success programs
The university has implemented a wide range of actions and programs to help make students successful:

  • An academic advisor is assigned to every first-year bachelor’s degree student to help them complete their studies.
  • Personalized tutoring is available to any student experiencing academic difficulty.
  • A significant portion of each degree program is devoted to discussion groups.
  • Moodle, an educational platform that can be accessed from anywhere by any user, includes class content (either a summary or in full), exercises and the correct answers, bibliographies, and references.
  • Students experiencing academic difficulty in their first semester can meet individually with counselors and/or career advisors.
  • Students experiencing academic difficulty may change their academic plan after the first few weeks, the first semester, the first year, or at the end of their second year by applying their previous courses to their new degree program.

Teaching evaluations

To continuously improve its course offer, the university has created an evaluation system and works to improve its curses and professors.