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Living in Paris

Welcome to Paris! To take full advantage of your stay in the French capital, here are a few tips and some practical information.


Plan for a €200-250/month budget.

CROUS university restaurants offer very low-cost meals for students at €3.25 a meal.
Restaurants: the least expensive options range from €12-15 for a full meal. In France, service is always included in the price.
A coffee (espresso):  €2 (minimum).
A soda: around €4
A baguette costs around €1

Exploring your new city

Campus France will guide you through your first steps in France and exploring Paris, your new home.

Public transportation:

Fee for traveling throughout Paris (all zones): €75.20/month. The Imagine’R Etudiant card offers a discount of around 50% for anyone under the age of 26.
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Opening a bank account

If your main residence is in a non-European country and your stay in France will last more than three months, it is a good idea to open a resident bank account. However, it’s best to first consult your local bank to find out if it is associated with a French network.

To open a resident bank account in euros, you’ll need three key documents:

  • Passport
  • Residence permit
  • Proof of residence (phone bill or electric bill, rent receipt, certificate of lodging, etc.)

Opening a bank account lets you use a checkbook and/or debit card. Checkbooks are typically free. However, debit cards can cost €15 to €40 a year, depending on your bank and card type.